Blog The new #HumanAndFriendly challenge: the #PlasticFree revolution

HFiltration has always paid attention to the environment not only through what it produces, but also through a daily commitment because the company is also an example for our colleagues, partners and customers.
The sustainability pass through the quality of our products and the awareness raising actions towards the environmental issues that we feel close to us.

From September 2nd, HFiltration has been doing more for the environment by involving you in a new, revolutionary virtuous circle: we have become #PlasticFree.

It was an important change that will also involve the people who will come to visit us: in fact, we have decided significantly reduce single-use disposable plastics in the common areas like the break rooms.

We decided to join the #PlasticFree project enhance by the Italian Ministry for the Environment - applying the 4R rule: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover.

Less plastic means more attention

When you come to visit us you will immediately notice the difference:

  • We have reduced the presence of plastic near the hot and cold drink dispensers.
  • The plastic scoops for mixing coffee have been replaced with wooden ones.
  • We removed the plastic cups preferring those made of biodegradable paper.
  • The plastic bottles from the distributors and the plastic provisions for the meetings have also been eliminated.
  • Finally, we have installed a new natural and sparkling water dispenser.
  • To facilitate the change of habits and the consequent positive impacts on the environment, we have made available for all colleagues the aluminum water bottles labeled #HumanAndFriendly.
  • The single-use disposable plastics present in the company has become ecological and compostable. All the plastic was removed and replaced with paper, wood, glass or aluminum, 100% recyclable materials.

    They are small gestures that we are sure will make a big difference for the environment.

Raising awareness among employees and partners

To create new positive habits it is important to facilitate them, so we gave our colleagues a stainless steel water bottle with the #HumanAndFriendly logo and installed a new natural and sparkling water dispenser in the company that is also suitable for filling bottles.
In an effort to make our commitment clear and obvious, the room with the dispenser was decorated with an eye-catching and clear message: "Safeguarding the water from a sea of plastic" - encouraging everyone to use mostly glass and aluminum.

We will use recyclable or washable paper plates, cutlery and glasses in meetings.
Employees will be encouraged to use personal cups and containers so as to limit single-use consumption in favor of reuse.

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#HumanAndFriendly: our green thinking

#HumanAndFriendly is the brand that signs all the green initiatives that HFiltration does for the environment. If you remember we involved you in the planting plan of the Legnano green area, then we updated you with #HFonTour where we joined our partners in Northern Europe to explain the project and now we have become #PlasticFree.

The new #PlasticFree challenge is a natural evolution of our focus on environmental issues and has been active since September 2 in all common areas of the company.

We believe that this positive attitude is contagious and we hope that many of our interlocutors will soon follow our example, starting with you.

After all, taking care of the environment is as easy as drinking a glass of water, the important thing is that the glass is not plastic!