Blog Scrubber sizing: HFiltration designs customized solutions

HFiltration designs customized solutions according to the pollutants up to the sizing of the scrubbers to be installed.

Years of experience have allowed us to create specific systems for each customer, really useful, valid and functional. We don't want to bore our readers with theoretical notions and calculations, so we have chosen to bring our experience, telling how we came to the design of a venturi scrubber for our customer Tempra 3000.

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Scrubber venturi for Tempra 3000

HFiltration has collaborated with an Italian company, Tempra 3000, specialized in the realization of thermal and controlled atmosphere treatments, designing an ad hoc scrubber venturi .

This type of scrubber is a filtering system that allows to abate the concentration of volatile organic compounds and dusts present in gaseous streams, and it can be used only when the pollutants to be removed react with water.

The abatement happens essentially for a process of impact between nebulized washing liquid and pollutant present in the air. The dirty one is in fact introduced in the lower part of the washing tower and pushed upwards to be washed against the counterflow, at low speed and on a wide contact surface.

Problems found by the customer before our intervention included:
  • Insufficient extraction points for hardening fumes
  • Complex piping line with accumulation points
  • Undersized suction hoods
  • The previously installed system was insufficient due to undersizing.

The scrubber venturi designed by HFiltration for Tempra 3000

HFiltration designed a scrubber venturi with an air flow rate of 34,000 m3/h.

Our engineers have simplified the existing piping lines and eliminated dust accumulation points. They also identified the correct sizing of the suction hoods based on the air flow rate, corrected the speed of the piping lines to avoid sedimentation and finally created an additional special suction hood to collect the hardening fumes.

Following the installation, the customer was able to identify the following benefits:

  • Reduction in running, maintenance and energy costs
  • Simplification of piping lines and elimination of dust accumulation points
  • High performance of the special hood for the aspiration of hardening fumes
  • Correctly sized system according to the complex structure and with higher air flow

Also this time HFiltration has been able to develop a specific scrubber venturi to satisfy the needs of its customer.

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