Blog Dust abatement in the mechanical industry: a successful case

HFiltration has studied multiple solutions for the abatement of dust in the mechanical industry and one of these solutions involves the use of cartridge filters HJL CART.

This particular type of cartridge filter is fully customizable and designed according to the individual project in order to meet the needs of each company in a targeted and efficient manner. Made of S275JR steel, they are suitable for supporting medium-high dust loads with external installation and continuous operation cycle.

The HJL CART cartridge filters are also equipped with a counter-current compressed air Pulse-jet cleaning system and there is the possibility of improving their efficiency thanks to the Venturi nozzles to be applied to each cartridge.

This type of cartridge filter can be used to break down dust in sandblasting, deburring, welding, grinding, dry machining with machine tools, chemical processing and which involve the use of epoxy paintings, pharmaceutical and plastics processing, cement and handling of dusty materials, always ensuring excellent performance.

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The advantages given by the use of HJL CART cartridge filters HFiltration - HJL Cart cartridge filters - Mechanical Industry


HFiltration is synonymous with reliability and competence in this area, i.e. in the production of filter systems, and also HJL CART cartridge filters are able to guarantee multiple advantages:

  • Efficiency with emissions ≤ 5 mg / Nm3s
  • Long life of the filtering cartridges
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to the Pulse-jet cleaning system
  • Low pressure drops in operation with minimum compressed air consumption
  • Robust and totally sealed construction for safe and reliable operation over time
  • Available on request in Atex II 3D version
  • Possibility to carry out inspections easily and safely.

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