Blog What is the air at the North Cape?

From Legnano to the North Cape along the Human & Friendly road

#HumanAndFriendly has been a success: the idea of planting a green area for the well-being of the planet was so interesting and the commitment so authentic and appreciated by our Partners, that we decided to make Human&Friendly a real manifesto of our values and intents.

For this reason, we have decided to enrich the project with a new experience: HF on Tour.
Since many of our Partners are located in Northern Europe, and since we believe in human contact, collaboration and the value of relationships, we have decided to take a journey to bring our Human&Friendly values far, we the aim of reaching them.

On the 13th of June, the branded HF motorbike will depart from Legnano to reach the North Cape,
paying visit to our customers each step of the way.

We will bring information on the planting of the HFiltration forest and we will talk about what else we can do to improve the planet we live in, not only from an industrial point of view.

Why the motorbike?

It is pivotal for us to raise awareness on the issues of ecology and environmental impact reaching as many people as possible, hence the decision to travel by motorbike.

The motorbike allows people to interact, it does not close individuals into passenger compartments, but encourages the sharing of ideas.
It is a symbol of freedom, but at the same time it allows direct contact with people, without limits or filters, and this is important to be able to talk and get to know each other.


An eco-friendly travel.

As we will use a gasoline motorbike to perform the travel, our team will examine the amount of CO2 produced day by day and upon our return we will plant twice as many trees as necessary to compensate for the amount of carbon dioxide generated, in order to zero out the pollution and to return a good amount of oxygen to the planet.

Follow us on line.

#HFonTour is a journey born to encourage true sharing, even online. You will have the chance to follow our journey step by step on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We will keep you posted on the most significant stops, the locations visited and the meetings performed along the way.

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